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Pastor's Message

August 2016

Mine, Mine, Mine, It’s all Mine

Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Lutheran Church,

Respecting other people’s stuff is important life lesson that all children need to learn, and unfortunately, too many adults as well.  Someone I know is running for a state senate race in Washington.  Her garage was open where she kept the numerous yard signs she hands out to her supporters.   Someone stole a good portion of them.  As Christians we must respect other people and their possessions regardless if we like them or not.

Luther explains the Seventh Commandment, “Thou shall not steal, this way”:


“We should fear and love God so that we may not take our neighbor’s money or property, nor get them with bad products or deals, but help him to improve and protect his property and business.”


We have no right to take what belongs to others.   There is also a flip side important for our own spiritual growth and sanctification.  What truly is ours in the fullest sense of owning something?  We talk about “my shoes”, “my dog”, “my spouse”, “my body”, “my time, “my God.”  Not all things we call “mine” are ours in the same way or degree (Screwtape Letters).

We are reading Screwtape Letters for our Monday night book discussion.  In letter 21 Screwtape, a demon, gives a junior tempter some advice on inflicting spiritual damage upon a Christian.  Screwtape advises that the Christian should be lead to believe that his time is his own.  Get him to think that he alone owns his time and that he alone has a legitimate claim on it. 

What is the result of the Christian making absolute claims on his time?  First, the more claims the man makes (E.G.: My time all my own), the more he will feel injured when someone else needs his time.  Second, the more ownership of his own time he has the less he uses in God’s service. 

How odd it is that we think our time is our own, absolute possession.  We did not give ourselves life.  We had no choice in the matter.  We are not the creators of time.  We can’t stick it in the bank or stock pile it in the basement.  Our time is the absolute possession of God.   It is His gift to us, and we use it as stewards not owners. 


                       Pastor Dave