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Pastor's Message

AUGUST   2017

Lutheran Worship, Prt 1

               Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church,


In this and upcoming newsletters I want to share with you facets of Lutheran worship.  What do we do?  Why do we do what we do?  Of course, “Lutheran” worship didn’t pop out of thin air during Martin Luther’s life.  It is rooted in the Christian tradition going back over 1,000 years before Luther was ever born.

I am truly flabbergasted when on occasion someone views our worship as odd, weird, or maybe even cult like.  That happens when a person is disconnected from the long tradition of Christian worship.  Christian worship wasn’t invented in America over the last 40 years!  The situation is so sad among many Protestants.

Don’t ever apologize!  Don’t ever be made to feel embarrassed because other people are handicapped by a very short- sighted, parochial view of worship disconnected from the vast history of the church.

The first thing I want you to be aware of is that the worship of the Lutheran church is rooted in Scripture.  The liturgy focuses us on Jesus though not to the extent that we disregard the Holy Trinity as in some modern, American, Protestant churches.

Turn to page 151 in the hymnal.  You will note right at the start many of the Scripture passages from which the liturgy is drawn.  The references are in small italicized print.  Lutheran worship shows that we are truly the Bible Church.  Too many other churches are happy-clappy, the church of what is happening now, emotion driven congregations.

See the focus also on Jesus and the Trinity throughout our worship:

1. The Invocation gives us the words of Baptism that Jesus instituted.

2. The Absolution is drawn from the command of Jesus in John 20 to forgive sins.

3. The Kyrie (Kyrie means Lord) is drawn from several people in the Bible that called to Jesus for mercy.

4. The Gloria in Excelsis brings us back to the angels’ words at Christmas.

5. The Creed confesses the Trinity.

6. The Sanctus before Communion tells us Jesus is present in the Supper through the words of Isaiah six and also through the praises of the crowds that cheered Jesus on Palm Sunday.

7. The Words of institution are Jesus words in the Last Supper.

8. The Agnus Dei are the words of John the Baptist when he pointed his disciples to Jesus.

9. The Nunc Dimittis are the words of Simeon when he held baby Jesus and was thus ready to die and go to his eternal home.

Lutheran worship is Bible focused, Christ centered, Trinity confessing.  No apologies!



                                                    Pastor Dave