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Pastor's Message

December 2016

Happy Holidays

                        Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church,


I was listening to a Jewish man (a talk show host) speak about wishing people a "Merry Christmas."  It was interesting.  He was displeased that there is a concerted effort for people not to use the greeting or even use the term "Christmas" in public.

"Christmas break" becomes "winter break".  A "Christmas party" at work becomes a "holiday party".  His view was that Christmas is not only a holy day but also an American holiday.  So, even though he is a Jew, he is very much in favor to "Merry Christmas".

I appreciate his support of the term over against a cultural cleansing of Christian elements, but we dare not forget that Christmas is above all else a holy day.  The question is, "Is it holy to us"?   Do we treat the season in a holy manner?  I submit that the more we focus on the advent of Jesus and the beautiful, good news of the incarnation the more it is a holy day.  The more we over focus on gifts, the more it is a holiday.

The message of Christmas is that God brought life into a dying world.  "We are all dying to live".  However, from the oldest to the youngest we are still dying.  Thank God that He didn't send us merely an idea, a philosophy, or the power of positive thinking.  He sent Life in person when He sent us His Son (Harold Senkbiel).  Jesus brings life to all who believe in Him.  Jesus is life for dying people living in a dying world.  That is cause for a holy day not merely a holiday.



                          Pastor Dave