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Pastor's Message

March 2016

Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Lutheran Church,

This presidential cycle offers the opportunity for a lot of firsts in our country.  We had early on, the choice of two women, two Hispanics, an Indian, and a man of Jewish descent.  Any one of these, if elected president, would be a first for our nation.  But is it right to vote for someone just because they would be the first woman, Hispanic, Indian, or Jewish president?

What does it mean to exercise good Christian stewardship in regard to our right to elect a president?  Certainly, our Christian faith leads us below the surface to deeper appreciation for the values and truths that flow from the Holy Scripture.  More important than a person's skin color, ethnic origin or gender are their values, their character, and most importantly, the positions they hold.

I was having a discussion with a person on their choice for president (this isn't a member) and while I could see myself voting for that same person, I was rather dejected because of the criteria that she was using.  Of critical importance for her was that she could relate to the candidate because he didn't grow up rich and was more a common man.  However, there was no substance connected with the pick beyond that.  At least none that struck her at the moment.

A Christian ought not to make such criteria the essential matter in casting their vote.  For the Scripture extols us to deeper meaning and an understanding of life.  Jesus said, “the truth will make you free.”  Indeed Jesus is Truth with a capital T.  He is Truth in person who gave Himself for our sin.  Ought we, who should be lovers of truth, make that of little importance?  Or does Christian stewardship demand that we evaluate a person's values, character and positions?  Can you explain the positions of your candidate that draw you to him or her?  By the mercies of God, make an informed decision.  And especially one that is informed not only by the positions of the candidate, but also of the Christian faith.

This is important, not only because the president is the leader of our country, but because the president also nominates Supreme Court justices. And we have seen throughout the years, the Supreme Court going beyond its Constitutional bounds to invent Constitutional rights, forced legislation, and encourage moral decay.  Every election is important.  This one is extremely critical for the very reason of Supreme Court nominations.

By the mercies of God, exercise your Christian stewardship.  Utilize your right to vote.  And do so with understanding and sober consideration of a person's values, character, and positions.  Go deep rather than wading in the shallows of gender, race, ethnic origins, and likability. While those things may be important to you, they are secondary, or perhaps even tertiary.


                        Pastor Dave