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Pastor's Message


               Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church,


Sometimes we don’t know which way to go.  We want to do the right thing and think we just might have the answer and then it falls through.

I was watching a program recently dealing with the food industry and weight issues among Americans.  There were a couple of parents trying to help their young children lose weight (children around 12 years old weighing over 200 lbs.).

One mother, a good mother who cares about her child, was adjusting what her child ate and was showing the food choices she was making.  The Mom bought plain corn flakes for her child that could also be used as meal replacements, she bought fat free crackers, and “healthy” pasta.

I couldn’t believe it!  This dedicated mother thought she had the right answers but her approach was actually perpetuating the problem.  Sometimes we may think we have the answers and be flat out wrong.

Sinful people do that with spiritual matters as well.  In a recent survey on the 10 Commandments, the British public viewed the first 3 Commandments as relatively unimportant.  That’s the whole first table of the Law that deals most directly with God (You shall not have any other gods, don’t use God’s name in vain, and remember the Sabbath day). (

None of those first three received even close to 50% approval.  Sadly, even the professed Christians in the survey didn’t push the first three commandments over the 50% approval rating.  For instance, taking God’s name in vain was only seen as relevant by 38% of the Christians and having no other Gods received 36% support!

There are any numbers of issues here.  Far from critiquing the relevancy of the commandments, this survey just showed the wickedness of the current generation of the British public and indeed of many who call themselves Christians.

The 5th and 7th Commandments (don’t murder, don’t steal) rated very highly by all the public as being still important.  Sadly, they think they know what is important and what is not, but this also shows their ignorance.  You see the 5th and 7th commandments are linked to the first commandment.

When one steals or when one murders that isn’t just a matter limited to breaking those commandments but it strikes against the greatest of the Ten, “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

When one steals he makes greed his idol.  When one murders, hate becomes his god.  Undoubtedly most British citizens want to do the right thing in regard to stealing and murder, but they undercut their position by denying the First Commandment.

Those who are worldly-wise think they have the answers on the Commandments but they are foolish.  We will be foolish and wicked too when we think we have the answers and those answers are “better” than God’s answers.

If you think you have the right answers and that excludes God’s commands, His Son, or His glory, you’re dead wrong.  Turn from foolishness and turn to the Lord who holds all the answers.



                                                    Pastor Dave