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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Pastor's Message

September 2016

Dear Members and Friends at Trinity Lutheran Church,

Jr. Confirmation is upon us.  This year I'm doing something a little different.  Perhaps you have some good ideas to enhance our ministry to youth.  I am going to have the young people attend:


1.  One board meeting - perhaps trustees.

2.  Have them help set-up or tear down Communion once.

3.  Go with Pastor to a shut-in or hospital visit as appropriate.


The goal is to get the youth better integrated with the life of the church and make connection between youth and adults.  What ideas might you have?  I write this not to test and see if anyone is actually reading this (ok maybe a bit of a test), but to actually solicit ideas and help.

Is there anything else we can do as a congregation?  For instance, what about a mentoring program where and adult mentors a youth.  How would that work?  What about some character camp in which fun stuff is mixed in with character and faith development?  What are your thoughts?

This much is true, what we do around the church isn't for the church itself - that is the things the church owns.  It is for the glory of God and the sake of God's children.


                       Pastor Dave